'The Hills' Spins Off Whitney


The long-rumored spinoff of " The Hills" has become a greenlit reality at MTV, which will introduce a show focused on Whitney Port early next year.

"The City," as the new show will be called, will follow Lauren Conrad's co-worker/sounding board to New York as she takes a job with a fashion house, reunites with an old friend and pursues "a fresh love life." Adam DiVello and Liz Gateley, the team behind "The Hills" -- which is itself is a spinoff of " Laguna Beach" -- will executive produce.

"Just as 'The Hills' organically evolved out of 'Laguna Beach' ... we are now following another compelling character," MTV's Tony DiSanto says. "Now it's Whitney's turn. We're bringing you her story as she leaves Los Angeles to break into the exciting Mecca of the fashion world, New York City. She is someone the viewers have grown to love."

When "The City" debuts in the first few months of 2009, viewers will find Port working for designer Diane Von Furstenberg's company. The show will also feature a new group of friends and, MTV promises, a love interest for the show's star.

"I am thrilled and honored to be in New York City, not only working for one of the most renowned fashion designers, Diane Von Furstenberg, but to be able to mature as a young woman both professionally and personally," Port says.

Rumors of a "Hills" spinoff featuring Port first surfaced in June, although she kept quiet about it at the time. Filming on the show is scheduled to start forthwith.

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