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Wachowskis Are Good to Go 'Speed Racer'

Many a director and star have tried to bring "Speed Racer" to the big screen, but now the team behind "The Matrix" is ready to give it a go.

Larry and Andy Wachowski are writing a script from the popular Japanese cartoon series and the brothers will direct the film with Joel Silver producing. As if those aren't enough "Matrix" vets, executive producer Grant Hill and visual effects master John Gaeta will also make the leap, according to the industry trade papers.

Warner Bros. will release the project, which is tentatively slated for a 2007 shoot and a summer 2008 release.

"Speed Racer" -- or rather "Mach Go Go Go" -- premiered as an anime series in Japan in 1967, created by Tatsuo Yoshida. American audiences fell in love with the speedy dubbing and catchy theme song. The cartoon's story centers on a teenaged Speed Racer who encounters intrigue and danger on his road to racing glory. He is aided by parents Mom and Pops Racer, girlfriend Trixie, little brother Spritle, his monkey Chim Chim and the mechanic Sparky.

Over the years, actors including Johnny Depp were attached to various key roles, while the involved directors included Hype Williams.

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