Elisha Cuthbert, 'Happy Endings'

You know her as: Alex, Dave's runaway bride, on "Happy Endings." Why we like her: As hard as it is to write a character who is naive and gullible but not stupid, it's even harder to play it. Yet Cuthbert nails Alex's special brand of innocence without making us want to send her to a room with a reading list. While she has a vague idea about what her limitations are (she knows enough to Wikipedia Nazis so she can make fun of Penny's new guy, Doug Hitler) she really doesn't care why the black fraternities were so keen to hire her DJ-ing alter ego, Alex Halley, in college. All this to say, we no longer not-so-secretly wish that mountain lion had eaten Kim Bauer during Season 2 of "24." Where else you've seen her: Jack Bauer's much-tormented daguther Kim on "24," Luke Wilson's jailbait hook-up in "Old School" and your friendly neighborhood porn star in "The Girl Next Door." -- Brill Bundy, Zap2it
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