Arrests in Baltimore for illegal guns often lead to dropped charges or little jail time

L.A. Reid needs to rein it in

L.A. Reid has been getting on our nerves for awhile now because of the constant name-dropping and making his criticisms pointed at Simon like some petulant child. But he really took the cake when he told Drew to sing more age-appropriate songs. After she sang a song by Demi Lovato. We aren't sure how Drew gets more age-appropriate. Have The Wiggles released their song rights to "The X Factor"?Thankfully, Simon was there to set L.A. Reid straight: ""I am sick to death of your pointless, stupid criticism of this girl ... Shut up for a second, L.A. This is unfounded, it is inaccurate, you are talking complete and utter rubbish." -- Andrea Reiher, Zap2it
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