More 'Felicity' alumni

Ian Gomez Then: If we have to remind you of Javier Clemente Quintata, you obviously were not a true "Felicity" fan, and you disgust us. His thoughts on the Noel vs. Ben debate: "You poor thing. It's like you're ... you're stuck in a triangle ... or a rhomboid near the coast of Florida ... and some of the Caribbean islands. My lips are like two glue sticks." Now: Y'all, that totally wasn't his real accent. Gomez, now on "Cougar Town," stars as Andy -- one half of one of our favorite TV bromances ever. Greg Grunberg Then: Sean Blumberg was full of ideas. A new condiment called "Smoothaise"! A milkless cereal called "Lact-Os" -- just add water! A keyboard specially designed for one-handed people! Flavored pen caps, for the chronic chewer! And, our favorite -- the "Docuventary," a movie in which all of our favorite characters just let it all hang out. Now: As J.J. Abrams' best friend, Grunberg starred in "Alias," "Heroes," and even had a bit part in this summer's "Super 8." He was last seen in the short-lived anthology series "Love Bites" on NBC. Plus, he's in a band with several other TV stars, and he's an avid Twitterer. We highly recommend you check out @greggrunberg. Amanda Foreman Then: Felicity's super-goth roommate with a secret Connecticut past. And a strange obsession with a box that appeared to be the portal to The Twilight Zone. This is another one of those things we just don't talk about. Now: She's still getting J.J. love, too -- she was in "Alias" and "Super 8" as well. She's also in, oh, just about everything else. We loved her as crazy baby-stealer Katie Kent on "Private Practice" and the well-intentioned but super annoying Suze on "Parenthood."
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