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Cher Horowitz, "Clueless"

Cher Horowitz (“Clueless”) Spending habits: From her brand spanking new Jeep to her fully-computerized closet, Cher brought the term “shopaholic” into the nineties. The film and TV show take place in Beverly Hills meaning Cher is only minutes away from Rodeo Drive and the many malls in Los Angeles. Combine that with her need to shop at the first sign of stress and it seems we’ve got a shopaholic who’s probably only heard about spending limits on “The Real World.” Affordable luxuries or headed to the poorhouse: Affordable. Cher only wants and gets the best, which means shopping at Calvin Klein and Fred Segal. While these high-end names may be out of reach for most, between Cher’s litigator father and love of her life, law student Josh, Cher will always have someone there to sign the check. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. --Kate Stanhope
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