Peter Jackson Plans 'Rings' Reunion for 'Tintin'

Andy Serkis has landed a main role in DreamWorks' "Tintin" trilogy, a set of films produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Jackson, of course, directed Serkis in pixelated form in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and in live-action and CG form in "King Kong."

The first of the "Tintin" films is set to begin production in September. Although the initial announcement on the project said that Spielberg and Jackson would each direct at least one installment, the reports in the industry trade papers don't indicate which director will be up first. The trade reports also don't indicate what role Serkis will play, though The Hollywood Reporter speculates that he would play Capt. Haddock.

Herge (Georges Remi) published the first installment of "The Adventures of Tintin" back in 1929. The series focused on the adventures of young Belgian reporter Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy, as they travel the world having geographically appropriate adventures. "Tintin" sagas have been published in more than 50 languages and the books have sold more than 200 million copies.

Spielberg and Jackson have long expressed their devotion to the series. Steven Moffat ("Coupling") has written the script, which will be shot using performance-capture technology and presented in digital 3-D.

Serkis just earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the HBO telefilm "Longford." The "Prestige" co-star has "Inkheart" and "Sugarhouse" set for release next year.

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