Celebrity Scoop: Sarah Hyland


There's a genuine connection between the snooty girl and nerdy guy in Disney Channel's "Geek Charming."

This makes sense considering the film, which premiered Nov. 11 and repeats Sunday, Nov. 13, stars the real-life couple Sarah Hyland (Hayley in "Modern Family") and Matt Prokop ("High School Musical 3: Senior Year").

"It was amazing and so much fun," Hyland says. "We had really long hours on that set, and it didn't matter to me if we had really long hours because I wasn't rushing to get home to see him because he was already there."

The film does what Disney does best: It shows some nasty -- but not too nasty -- traits in someone. But as viewers get to know their characters, Dylan and Josh, they learn not all is as it appears.

"The moral of the story, for middle and even high-school (students), is even if you think you are too cool for school, if you are having issues, watch this movie," Hyland says. "The moral of the movie is it doesn't matter if you pretend who you are. You are who you are. As long as you have friends, if you pretend to be something you are not, you are not going to get anywhere."

Hyland, 20, is no stranger to long hours on sets. She's been before the camera since she was 4.

"I have always had the mindset that ever since I was a little you take a job that comes your way," Hyland says. "But now I am starting to see the pickiness of it all -- like this character, Dylan. It's a Disney Channel movie, and people might think that. But Dylan is really, really complex. There's a lot of layers to her, unlike Hayley, who what you see is what you get. It was a lot of fun to play those layers."

Favorite movies: " 'Say Anything.' I love that movie. 'Not Another Teen Movie.' Any time that movie is on I have to keep it on."

Favorite books: " 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'The Outsiders,' anything by S.E. Hinton. I love 'Rumble Fish' as well. 'The Red Tent.' "

Favorite music: "I have anything and everything. I like country to rap to pop to hip-hop. I am not the biggest heavy metal fan; sometimes that gives me a headache. Adele, Jessie J, Lil Wayne."

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