Apatow's 'Knocked Up' Follow-Up Features Adam Sandler


Judd Apatow has recruited frequent collaborators Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann to star in his next directing effort.

Although Apatow has been a producing machine in recent months -- "Drillbit Taylor" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" are up next -- this untitled comedy set up between Universal and Sony will be his first directing effort since last summer's "Knocked Up."

Although Variety has absolutely no information about the plot of the new Apatow comedy, it's expected that he'll take a solo writing credit and he'll be ready to begin production as soon as late summer or early fall.

While the deals with Sandler, Rogen and Mann aren't in place, all three actors have lengthy histories with Apatow.

Apatow co-wrote and produced Sandler's upcoming comedy "You Don't Mess with the Zohan." The "Click" and "Big Daddy" star also made a guest appearance as himself on Apatow's short-lived FOX sitcom "Undeclared."

Rogen co-starred on "Undeclared" and the Apatow-produced "Freaks & Geeks." He also worked on "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up" with Apatow, who also produced "Superbad" and the upcoming "The Pineapple Express," both co-starring and scripted by Rogen.

In addition to being married to Apatow, Mann co-starred in "Virgin" and "Knocked Up" and has the female lead in "Drillbit Taylor" (which was co-written by Rogen).

It's all a big Apatow family.

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