'Revenge of the Bridesmaids': Raven-Symone, JoAnna Garcia strike back


A lifelong friend not only brings bail money but doesn't ask questions and carries a shovel in the trunk.

Ideally, we never need that, but we should all have friends willing to get arrested for us. In "Revenge of the Bridesmaids," airing Sunday, July 18, on ABC Family, those friends are Abigail and Parker ( Raven-Symone, "That's So Raven," and JoAnna Garcia, "Privileged"). They not only get arrested but even wear Pepto-Bismol pink dresses, all in the name of friendship in the romantic comedy.

The movie is a lot better than it needs to be. Yes, it's predictable, but so are action movies. In this at least, there are some fun lines and a celebration of the power of women's friendship.

"It's about friends and girls and the length we would go to be a friend to somebody," Garcia says. "At the end of the day what is right prevails, even if it causes us to be arrested and do naughty things. I don't know that I would go to that extent. It is just a really fun escape to a girlie, girlie world."

As much fun as deposing an evil bride is, the movie is not without its lessons.

"The secret girl rules of: 'Do not steal my man!' come with consequences," Raven-Symone says. "So watch before you start man stealing."

Though the film opens as the wayward bridesmaids are being booked at the police station, the story begins 20 years earlier. Four girls play on an expanse of lawn that rivals most town parks.

Caitlin pretends to be the bride in her little bridal gown, bossing around the other three, designated her bridesmaids. When they balk, she bellows for her mommy ( Beth Broderick, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"), who admonishes the girls for challenging her princess.

When they grow up, Abigail, a sardonic writer, and Parker, a struggling actress (OK, there are some cliches, but true ones), live in New York. Rachel and Caitlin (Chryssie Whitehead, Virginia Williams) stay in Lambert, La.

Rachel loves Tony (Lyle Brocato), who, as a result of a few bad decisions, is marrying Caitlin, an uber-brat as an adult. Rachel and Tony had a tiff and briefly split. Caitlin swooped in and supposedly got pregnant after having sex once. Now Tony is doing the right thing by marrying her.

Initially, Caitlin's bridesmaids are the Ashleys, two vapid blondes, and Rachel, who grieves as the man she adores sacrifices his happiness. Once Parker and Abigail know the score, they're determined to stop the wedding.

They realize Caitlin does not care about Tony, only about his family money. Olivia orchestrates the wedding because she ran through her latest husband's money and needs cash to keep her mansion going.

She and Parker handily dispose of the Ashleys and get themselves ensconced as bridesmaids, with the intention of sabotaging the nuptials.

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