Wedding Album

The Wedding Album Midseason Drama Premise: The most sought after wedding photographer in town spends his life going from one ceremony to another, but don't expect him to walk down the aisle any time soon. First Impressions: This is kind of a cute idea, the notion of examining modern romance through the lens of a high-end wedding photographer. With its Friday timeslot and obvious tailoring to female viewers, it's doubtful we'll ever watch it. Stars: Bruno Campos ("Nip/Tuck"), Tara Summers ("Alfie"), Tony Lo Bianco ("City of Hope"), Ashlie Atkinson ("Rescue Me"), Jayce Bartok ("Law & Order"), Eva Pigford ("America's Next Top Model"), Ptolemy Slocum ("Hitch") Studio: Fox Television Studios and 20th Century Fox TV Producers: Andy Tennant and Wink Mordaunt ("Hitch," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Ever After")
Photo courtesy of FOX.
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