Asajj Ventress, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

Asajj Ventress "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," Cartoon Network You know her as: Ventress, a Dark Jedi who is one of Count Dooku's disciples Why we like her: She's a badass with not just one, but two lightsabers with curved handles that allows her to also combine them into a saberstaff. Plus, her bald head, sinuous physique and venemous voice make for one very scary package that nevertheless has sex appeal -- something woefully lacking in that universe. Where else you've seen her: "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" movie, the previous incarnation of the cartoon, comic books, video games and the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe novels. Not to be confused with Sinead O'Connor or the Borg Queen.
Cartoon Network. Text by Hanh Nguyen.
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