Tamara Taylor, 'Bones'

Tamara Taylor "Bones," FOX You know her as: Dr. Cam Saroyan, Booth's former love interest and Brennan's superior at the Jeffersonian Why we like her: Dr. Saroyan wasn't supposed to survive. She was introduced as a replacement for Jonathan Adams' Dr. Goodman, but she was never supposed to stick. What producers didn't count on was how well Saroyan would interact with the team, how well she'd bicker with Brennan and flirt with Booth and roll her eyes at the other squints. Well, she recovered from one near-death experience and after six episode she became a cast regular. Don't tell anybody, but we're kind of rooting for her to continue to distract Booth from his romantic inevitability with Bones. Where else you've seen her: On the big screen, she's appeared in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and "Serenity," while her TV guest starring credits range from "Lost" and "Dawson's Creek" to a relatively long run as Grace on "Party of Five."
Tamara Taylor of 'Bones.' Photo courtesy of FOX. Text by Daniel Fienberg.
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