Paul Adelstein, 'Private Practice'

Paul Adelstein "Private Practice," ABC You know him as: Online-hookup addict/pediatrician Cooper Freedman Why we like him: "Private Practice" has been, at best, a hit-and-miss proposition this season. One consistently bright spot, though, has been the funny, sometimes touching performance Adelstein (pictured here with another of the show's consistently good elements, Amy Brenneman) gives as Cooper. He plays the wounded and wistful Cooper as something of an overgrown kid, but he also manages to seem a lot less childish than his fellow doctors often do. That's no mean feat. And, since he plays a pediatrician, he's also called on to work with real kids, and those scenes never feel forced. Where else you've seen him: As the oily Kellerman on "Prison Break" and in films like "Intolerable Cruelty" and "Collateral."
Paul Adelstein of 'Private Practice.' Photo courtesy of ABC. Text by Rick Porter.
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