'The Cooking Loft'

"The Cooking Loft" Food Network If Alexandra Guarnaschelli weren't a chef, she ought to be a writer because it's the imagery in her descriptons that make the show a colorful, drool-worthy experience. So smelling the aroma from a pan is a "nosebath," the satisfying sound of crackling hot oil is a relief like "falling into a swimming pool on a hot day," adding butter to a melted chocolate is "giving it an upgrade, taking it from coach to business," and when slicing a vegetable, you must curve you fingertips under as if you were an "eagle on a cliff, surveying the land." None of the senses are ignored as she encourages her foodie disciples to admire, sniff, fondle, taste and yes, even listen to their food. Oh, if only Smell-o-Vision were real.
Food Network. Text by Hanh Nguyen.
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