Chuck NBC Premieres: Monday, Sept. 29 Expect to See: Co-creator Josh Schwartz says "Chuck" has gone "casting crazy" for its second season, and indeed the show boasts an impressive array of guest stars: Schwartz's former "O.C." colleague Melinda Clarke will play a villainess, and Emmy winner John Larroquette will play an ex-spy who teaches Chuck (Zachary Levi) how to seduce her. Nicole Richie will play Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) high-school nemesis, and Jordana Brewster will play the ex-girlfriend who broke Chuck's heart. As for plot: Casey ( Adam Baldwin) will struggle with the order to "disappear" Chuck as the government builds a new Intersect computer, and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) plan their wedding.
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