Mischa Barton Tops Best Movie Nude Scenes of 2008

Mischa Barton Tops Best Movie Nude Scenes of 2008 Mischa Barton may have left "The O.C." behind her, but she's still full of wonderful surprises, such as winning highest marks on Mr. Skin's annual list. Mr. Skin and his team of "skinvestigators" view all non-adult titles for their nudity content and rates them on their "skintensity." By the end of the year, he's ready to hand out accolades to the actresses who were best at baring themselves. This is the second year he has compiled a Top 20 list since he was met with such a plethora of nakedness on the silver screen. Barton shows she's a natural with her nudity debut in "Closing the Ring." The World War II drama features a very lengthy, brightly lit scene in which she and her love interest get it on al fresco, the better to highlight her Tand A. Also, she plays the younger version of Shirley Maclaine's character, and who doesn't love them some of that? Read the Full Story ... Related Story: Marisa Tomei Tops Best Nude Scenes of 2007 Hayek Tops Best Nude Scenes of 2006 Hathaway's 'Havoc' Nudity Celebrated
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