Jenah, 'America's Next Top Model'

Jenah THE GO-SEES Tyra: The designers said that you have a diverse portfolio and a good walk, but you could work on being more personable. And that you were a little messy-looking. THE PHOTO: Twiggy: I actually love the shot. I love your face. I think it's a really good fashion picture. (later) I don't know what to do about Jenah because I know she thinks she's being funny, but I think she's going to go out and upset the clients and photographers. Nigel: You take great pictures week after week after week. However. This is the big "however." Your sense of humor is -- you've got to be careful with it. You're kind of sarcastic. It comes off as arrogant. Be careful because you're stepping on a very fine line right now. (later) Her modeling wasn't very good. She's lucky. Basically, she's not a bad girl. She's a good girl. I'm afraid her personality is getting in the way of herself. Tyra: There's a certain way of making a joke with someone that you're subordinate to. No matter how famous you are, that day that photographer is your boss. Another thing I noticed with you is the, "I don't need this. I'm better than this, and I'm bored." All that comes across. (later) Amazing photos but an attitude that turns off the judges.
'America's Next Top Model' photo courtesy of The CW.
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