10th Anniversary (1998)

10th Anniversary (1998) Jan. 20: "Dawson's Creek" Every generation needs a teen- angst drama of its own. Those too young for "90210" embraced this sex-obsessed WB drama that launched the careers of Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams. May 14: "Seinfeld" finale The fabled show about "nothing" went out with a one-hour episode in which the four pals end up jailed for violating a small town's good Samaritan law. Their crime: They did "nothing" to stop a carjacking. May 14: Frank Sinatra dies Shortly after the "Seinfeld" finale ended came the news that Ol' Blue Eyes had passed on at 82. Timing really is everything. June 6: "Sex and the City" With "Seinfeld" gone, another quartet of Manhattan friends with dating problems becomes our obsession. July 15: "There's Something About Mary" The Farrelly Brothers' wacky romantic comedy is the year's highest-grossing comedy. And highest grossing-out comedy as well. July 24: "Saving Private Ryan" Steven Spielberg honors the Greatest Generation as only he can. Oct. 23: "Baby One More Time" A 17-year old ex-Mouseketeer named Britney Spears releases her first single.
'Seinfeld' photo courtesy of Sony Television.
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