'Scrubs' Co-Star Isn't 'Done' with Ice Cube Pic


Nia Long has signed on to reprise her "Are We There Yet?" role in the upcoming sequel "Are We Done Yet?"

Also, in a newly announced kernel of casting in Variety, "Scrubs" star John C. McGinley has committed to play a contractor who becomes the nemesis to the character played by Ice Cube.

If you've forgotten -- and who could blame you -- Long played Suzanne Kingston, a single mother of two (fellow returning castmembers Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden) in "There," a sleeper hit that's taken in nearly $100 million worldwide. After winning Suzanne's heart in the first movie, the sequel finds Nick Persons (Ice Cube) moving his new family out into the suburbs and attempting to build their dream house.

The sequel has been grafted onto a project that was originally going to be an Ice Cube-driven remake of the classic "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House." Given that "There" director Steve Carr was already planning to begin production on "Blandings," Revolution just decided the swap a few names to transform the film into "Are We Done Yet?"

The only real casualty from the "Blandings" incarnation was Thomas Hayden Church. The "Sideways" Oscar nominee left to join "Spider-Man 3," leaving the contractor part open for McGinley.

Pre-"Scrubs" credits for McGinley include "The Rock," "Point Break" and a slew of Oliver Stone films, such as "Platoon," "Wall Street" and "Born on the Fourth of July."

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