'Jericho' Star Meets 'The Prisoner'


Former "Jericho" star Lennie James is taking up residence in a new village.

James, who played Robert Hawkins on CBS' cult series, has signed on to AMC's remake of the classic 1960s show "The Prisoner." He'll play Number 147, a resident of the mysterious Village where a former secret agent, now known as Number 6 ( Jim Caviezel), finds himself imprisoned.

Three other actors have also joined the series, AMC says. Ruth Wilson, a Golden Globe nominee this year for a "Masterpiece Theatre" production of "Jane Eyre," Hayley Atwell ("Mansfield Park," " Brideshead Revisited") and Jamie Campbell-Bower ("Sweeney Todd") will play other residents of the Village.

Ian McKellen ("The Lord of the Rings," "Gods and Monsters") was previously cast as Number 2, the apparent head of the Village and Number 6's primary antagonist.

AMC is producing "The Prisoner" with British broadcaster ITV and Granada International, with Bill Gallagher attached to write. The six-hour miniseries is scheduled to air sometime next year.

In addition to "Jericho," James' credits include "The State Within," "Snatch" and "24 Hour Party People."

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