'The Down Low'

"House"-hold name: Ethan Embry as Mickey. "House"-lights: Mickey the "drug dealer" collapses, but as he's an undercover cop who's been under for 16 months, he won't answer any of the doctors' questions so that his cover isn't blown to his drug dealer compatriot Eddie who brought Mickey to the hospital. House eventually realizes Mickey's disease is Hughes-Stovin Syndrome, an untreatable autoimmune disease.Thirteen comforts him saying he did the right thing not blowing the case because there was nothing they could have done. Mickey eventually dies in his wife arms as Eddie and the other dealers are raided and arrested. Earlier, Mickey send Eddie away from the hospital knowing he would be caught in order to see his wife one last time. Out-"House": Ethan Embry was most recently seen on the Showtime series "Brotherhood," but has a slew of quirky comedies under his belt ("Empire Records," "Can't Hardly Wait").
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