'Star Wars' Reunion For 'Jumper'


Doug Liman has set up a Jedi reunion for "Jumper," recruiting Hayden Christensen to play the lead in his new thriller.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has come on board to co-finance the film with Regency Enterprises, a decision at least somewhat based upon a budget that reportedly was moving into the $100 million range.

Christensen's casting also somewhat reflects on the soaring budget, as the erstwhile Anakin Skywalker moves into a role originally filled by the lesser known Tom Sturridge.

The project is based on the novel by Steven Gould which focuses on a young man who discovers that he can escape from his abusive father by teleporting. At first he uses his new-found power to achieve some questionable goals, but after he draws the attention of the NSA, he begins a quest for his missing mother.

Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu to Christensen's Skywalker in two "Star Wars" films, was already signed to play an NSA bigwig. The cast also includes Jamie Bell and Teresa Palmer.

With Christensen squared away and financing in place, "Jumper" can now begin shooting by the end of this month in a selection of international locations, including Toronto, Rome and Tokyo. If successful, "Jumper" could become a trilogy for Fox and Regency.

Upcoming credits for Christensen, missing from the big screen since last summer's "Revenge of the Sith," include "Awake" with Jessica Alba and "Factory Girl," co-starring Sienna Miller.

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