Seth Green's in the 'Dog' Pound

We aren't sure whether this is good or bad news for his career, but Seth Green will join John Travolta and Robin Williams in the high concept comedy "Old Dogs."

Directed by Travolta's "Wild Hogs" helmer Walt Becker, the Disney production focuses on a pair of best friends and business partners (Williams and Travolta) whose lives change when they have to take care of 7-year-old twins.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Green will play an executive in Travolta and Williams' (or their characters') marketing firm. The trade paper says that the company's merger with a Japanese conglomerate lets Green's character show off his business acumen and appreciation of Japanese culture.

It sounds like it writes itself, right? Wrong. David Diamond and David Weissman are the credited screenwriter.

Green has recently been dedicating himself to his work as one of the masterminds of Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken." On the small screen he's been seen in "Four Kings," "Greg the Bunny" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," while his big screen credits include the "Austin Powers" films and the sleeper hit "Without a Paddle."

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