Hot Dogs: Meet Your 'Greatest American Dog' Finalists

Who's the greatest American dog? You are! You are! Now sit. Good boy!

CBS has announced the 12 teams of dogs and owners set to compete for a $250,000 cash prize and an honorary title on the summer reality offering "Greatest American Dog."

Set to premiere on Thursday, July 10, "GAD" pits 12 teams of dogs and their owners against each other in canine gladiatorial combat under the watchful eye of zoologist/host Jarod Miller and judges Wendy Diamond, Allan Reznick and Victoria Stilwell.

The dogs range from pure-bred pageant dogs to beloved pups with a less clear pedigree and only the most informal of prior instruction.

The finalists:

Team: Beth Joy and Bella Starlet
Hometown: New York
Owner's Occupation: Bella's Acting Managers
Dog's Breed: Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Shih-Tzu, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and Pomeranian mix

Team: Bill and Star
Hometown: Flint, TX
Owner's Occupation: Building Maintenance
Dog's Breed: Brittany

Team: Brandy and Beacon
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Owner's Occupation: Fashion Designer
Dog's Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Team: David and Elvis
Hometown: New York, NY
Owner's Occupation: Doctor
Dog's Breed: Parson Russell Terrier

Team: Elan and Kenji
Hometown: Portland, OR
Owner's Occupation: Aspiring Dog Salon Owner
Dog's Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Team: J.D. and Galaxy
Hometown: Bend, OR
Owner's Occupation: Dog Entertainer
Dog's Breed: English Pointer Border Collie and Labrador mix

Team: Laura and Preston
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Owner's Occupation: Film Producer
Dog's Breed: Pomeranian

Team: Laurie and Andrew
Hometown: Stafford, VA
Owner's Occupation: Doggy Day Care Owner
Dog's Breed: Maltese

Team: Michael and Ezzie
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Owner's Occupation: Aspiring Comic
Dog's Breed: Boston Terrier

Team: Ron and Tillman
Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Owner's Occupation: Construction Manager
Dog's Breed: English Bull Dog

Team: Teresa and Leroy
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Owner's Occupation: Dog Sitter
Dog's Breed: Border Collie

Team: Travis and Presley
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Owner's Occupation: Bartender
Dog's Breed: Boxer

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