'Glee' rehab

"Glee" started out with such promise, bringing laughter and tears each week. President Obama had the cast sing at the White House, but more importantly, they landed a gig on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Not bad for a freshman season. Well, is it any wonder it went downhill from there? A glut of musical numbers, short shrift on storytelling and general inconsistency have taken their toll. "Glee" is not the weekly joy it once was. Listen "Glee," we still love you, and that's why we've come together to help you. If Lindsay Lohan can do it, so can you. Rehab is not a dirty word, and we think that if you work on these 12 steps, we'll be singing a different tune soon. Zap2it Related: 'Glee' isn't broken: A defense against the backlash Zap2it's 'Glee' page: Gleeks Anonymous 'One Tree Hill' rehab 'Desperate Housewives' rehab 'Grey's Anatomy' rehab 'Gossip Girl' rehab '90210' rehab
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