Emma Pilsbury

Played by Jayma Mays When we first met her: The germophobic guidance counselor had a wretched, unrequited crush on Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), but since he was married, she began dating and became engaged to coach Ken Tanaka (Patrick Gallagher). Where we left her: She accompanies the glee club to sectionals when Will cannot, which would be fine except that meant postponing her wedding by a few hours. Her fiancee was understandably displeased and dumps her since he pretty much knew Will had her heart anyway. Just as she resolved to leave McKinley High, Will -- who has split from his wife -- stops her with a kiss. What we can expect next: Emma will explore what it means to be with Will and test her OCD tendencies since they can be an obstacle to intimacy. Related: Jayma Mays talks naughty about Emma and Mr. Schue 'Glee' wins a Peabody Award
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