'Last Resort' (ABC)

Logline: After the crew of a nuclear submarine defies an order to fire their nukes, they go on the run -- ultimately arriving at an island NATO base where they declare themselves a tiny sovereign nation. It helps that they've already got the weapons. Why we're interested: First of all, it's about time that "Felicity" hunk Scott Speedman made his way back onto our television screens; we've missed him and his whole scruffy-whispery-smoldery thing. But on a less shallow note, "Last Resort" is one of the best pilot scripts we've read in a while -- the tension builds brilliantly as the wartime stakes are raised time and again. Executive producer Shawn Ryan rarely lets us down; we're just hoping that the ratings are better for this than for "The Chicago Code." -- Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2it
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