No. 7: 'The Good Wife'

Like most CBS shows, "The Good Wife" is well-produced and has a recognizable face -- Julianna Margulies -- at its center. Unlike a lot of its fellow CBS dramas, though, "The Good Wife" is a more character-driven drama. There will be a close-ended story each week, but the show will give equal weight to its lead character's emotional life. Margulies plays the wife of the scandal-ridden and imprisoned state's attorney in Chicago (Chris Noth), who's trying to restart her own career as a lawyer and finding doubters at every turn, from trial judges who don't much care for her husband to her own mother-in-law. It's a potentially fascinating (and, thanks to the foibles of real-life political figures, endlessly renewable) story to explore, and Margulies plays the character with just the right mix of steel and vulnerability. -- Rick Porter, Zap2it
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