'Fast Five'


A decade after it began, the "Fast and the Furious" franchise still has plenty of life left, as indicated by the huge box-office success of this fifth chapter. It reinvents the series to be as much crime caper as racing saga, with Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and their allies caught in the middle of two forces pursuing them in Rio de Janeiro.

One is a corrupt businessman and the other, an FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson) who goes mano-a-mano with the equally rugged Dom in one of the movie's most memorable scenes. Jordana Brewster also returns, as does director Justin Lin ("Fast & Furious""). DVD extras: three""making-of" documentaries; audio commentary by Lin; deleted scenes; outtakes. *** (PG-13: AS, P, V) (Also on Blu-ray and Movies on Demand)

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