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'I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer'

It's been a while, but the guy in the Gorton's Fisherman getup is back to swing his hook at another quartet of nubile teenagers -- and anyone who tries to get between him and his prey -- in "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer."

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her posse having moved on, screenwriter Michael Weiss was forced to start from scratch, building his story around four attractive idiots -- led by Brooke Nevin -- who reference the previous films'Hook Killer in a prank that goes wrong and results in an accidental death; they swear themselves to secrecy, but one year later they're being stalked and slaughtered by someone dressed just like thekiller from the original movies.

Director Sylvain White abandons the elegant eeriness of the first "I Know ..." movie, and clearly lacks the budget of the second, so he just goes for one gritty, flash-cut shock after another, paring down the cast as gruesomely as possible until the inevitable final showdown.

Sure, it's bloody, but it's no bloody good. A climactic twist tries to add a supernatural dimension to the series, but it's too little, too late; like many of Sony's straight-to-video franchise extensions, you get the feeling that the DVD cover art was more important to the studio than the movie it's supposed to sell.

Final verdict: We'll always know that the first movie was the best. Sony's enhanced-widescreen DVD supports the feature with audio commentary by director White and a half-hour making-of that demonstrates how much genuinely hard work goes into the making of a crappy horror sequel. Unless you're the writer, I guess.

STUDIO: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
RELEASE DATE: Aug. 1, 2006
PRICE: $24.96
TIME: 91 minutes
DVD EXTRAS:French audio dub; English and French subtitles;audio commentary; production featurette.

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