Dorota: 10 Reasons to love 'Gossip Girl's' Polish maid

Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) is more than just the Waldorfs' Polish maid on "Gossip Girl": She accomplishes the nigh-impossible task of keeping Blair Waldorf ( Leighton Meester) sane. It's no wonder that Chuck Bass ( Ed Westwick) covets her, she has her own webisodes called "Chasing Dorota" and she landed on Zap2it's list of underrated stars for 2008. Need more? Check out 10 Reasons to love 'Gossip Girl's' Dorota. --Hanh Nguyen, Related: 'Gossip Girl' spinoff photos KTV: 'Gossip Girl' scoops, spoilers and breaking news TV's Underrated of 2008 Hollywood Facebook Friends (and Enemies) 'Gossip Girl' recaps
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