'Collateral' Scribe on 'G.I. Joe' Patrol


Stuart Beattie, who has brought comics and theme park rides to the big screen, has signed on to write a toy adaptation.

According to the industry trade papers, Beattie will turn his attentions to Paramount's Haboro-driven "G.I. Joe" feature, which added Stephen Sommers ("The Mummy" as director just last week.

Paramount is in a rush to get the "G.I. Joe" project going, hoping to go into production in February 2008 to give the film a summer 2009 premiere date.

Hasbro began producing G.I. Joe toys in 1964. As dolls marketed to boys, they were the first "action figures." The dolls were relaunched in 1982 in a smaller size as part of the "Real American Hero" line and achieved their greatest popularity, leading directly to a 1985 animated series in which the G.I. Joe branch of the military -- with heroes including Snake Eyes and Scarlett -- faced off against the dark forces of COBRA. The show featured a particularly intriguing assortment of villains, including Destro, Serpentor, the Baroness, Zartan and, of course, Cobra Commander.

Beattie was the credited screenwriter on "Collateral" and "Derailed." He also did work on the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" film and on the upcoming graphic novel adaptation "30 Days of Night." He has "Australia" and "Spy Hunter" on tap.

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