NBC News Hops on 'Baby Borrowers' Bandwagon


NBC's summer series "The Baby Borrowers" has drawn some pretty good ratings. Good enough that the network's news division wants to put its own spin on the show.

The network announced Wednesday (July 9) that it would air a follow-up special featuring the show's cast and producers on Wednesday, Aug. 6, a week after the finale airs. Reunion specials are pretty common in the reality-show business; what's unusual here is that the network's news division is involved in producing the special. "Dateline's" David Corvo will serve as executive producer.

The special will be an "interactive town hall" that NBC says will catch viewers up on the lives of the cast and also shine a light on teen pregnancy. The network also promises "news-making guests" as part of the hour.

"This unique series has drawn media attention to the very important subject of the recent rise in teen pregnancies as well as to recent related news ranging from the high school students in Gloucester [Mass.] to pregnant teen celebrities such as Jamie Lynn Spears," says Craig Plestis, NBC's head of alternative programming. "This special should shed more light on a controversial subject that deserves more personal discussion beyond the social experiment that we provided to entertain audiences this summer."

"The Baby Borrowers" follows five young couples, ages 18-20, as they experience the trials of parenthood by taking care of babies (provided by parents who get to monitor their surrogates' care), toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and elderly people in rapid succession. It's averaged close to 8 million viewers so far this summer and a 2.9 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic.

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