Shockers "America's Next Top Model": Did we mention Tyra yells? Nothing could be crazier than when she went berserk over Season 4's Tiffany, who made light of being eliminated. Hmm, there is also Rebecca fainting quite dramatically in the middle of getting a critique. "Make Me a Supermodel": Poor Perry discovers via a tabloid that his girlfriend Amanda on the outside is cheating on him with Britney Spears' ex, Adnan Ghalib. We knew something was up when Mandy didn't send Valentine's Day greetings, but sheesh. Which one is fiercer? Both - Adnan-gate was surreal and puts Perry only a few degrees of separation from Brit, so that's bizarro points, but Rebecca's dramatic drop activated our schadenfreude and made us want to watch her thud over and over again. Thanks, YouTube.
The CW/Bravo
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