'Idol' Says 'Au Revoir' to Paris


The "American Idol" results shows this season have for the most part been mercifully free of group singalongs. Alas, Wednesday's show doesn't belong into that category.

With only five contestants left, the folks at FOX are a little harder-pressed to fill the results show's 32 minutes before the biggest hit on television that no one cares about, "Unan1mous."

The night starts with some deadly bland song that's all about being true to yourself or something. It's the kind of song that people who hate the pop-machine aspects of "Idol" use to argue their point that the show turns out the most generic of stars. In this instance, it's a pretty darn good point.

Next up is the Major Automotive Sponsor video o' the week, which involves a bulldog on a skateboard, Katharine in a very tight '80s-era dress and Taylor, for some reason, dressed up like an extra from "Mad Max."

By the way, the word Simon used to describe Taylor last night was "barmy." Charitably, it can mean "spirited," though we're pretty sure he was using it to call Gray Charles a nutball.

Finally, 20 minutes in, Seacrest gets to the results. He's looking for the bottom two, and first up is Paris, whom he asks to re-sing "Kiss." That doesn't seem very nice, considering that's what probably landed her on the short end of the voting. She was pretty good on the Mary J. Blige song Tuesday.

Another break, and then we find out Elliott is joining Paris, meaning Kat moves on to the final four. Tough call there -- Elliott was consistent but not out-of-the-box great Tuesday, while Katharine redeemed herself with her second song after a shaky start.

Ryan pulls a swerve on Elliott, putting his hand on the crooner's shoulder before telling him to go sit down. The little girl with the huge voice is going home, probably a victim of songs that didn't really fit her style. It also means Kat is the only female left.

She and the three boys are goin' to Graceland, for next week is Elvis week. Somewhere, Jon Peter Lewis sheds a single tear.

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