'Knocked Up,' 'Ratatouille' Top AFI's 2007 List


Unplanned pregnancy, greed and facing incredible personal challenges were a few recurring themes among the America Film Institute's picks for the best films of the year.

AFI released its Top 10 film and TV lists for 2007 on Sunday, Dec. 16. Among the lauded movies were the prenatal comedies "Knocked Up" and "Juno." Somehow, Adrienne Shelley's posthumously released "Waitress" starring Keri Russell was woefully overlooked among these.

Less life-affirming were the themes of greed and occasional bloodshed that were apparent in films like the Coen Bros.' violent "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood," "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" and "Michael Clayton."

Also making the list was Pixar's culinary animated feature "Ratatouille," "The Savages," "Into the Wild" and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."

AFI also saw fit to recognize the achievements on the small screen. Returning favorites include Showtime's "Dexter" and NBC's "Friday Night Lights." Also making the list were "Everybody Hates Chris," "Longford," "Mad Men," "Pushing Daisies," "The Sopranos," "Tell Me You Love Me," "30 Rock" and "Ugly Betty."

The awards, which recognize the creative teams behind each of the projects, will be presented at a Jan. 11 luncheon at Los Angeles' Four Seasons Hotel.

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