Cheetah Girl to Sue Over Stolen Semi-Nude Pictures

Another Disney Channel star has had illicit photos hit the Internet. Won't they ever learn?

Adrienne Bailon, one of the Cheetah Girls, plans to take legal action after racy pictures of her stolen off her laptop have been leaked online, reports

"The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and sent to several media outlets," says her spokesman, Jonathan Jaxson. "These photos were taken in private. Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person or person's [sic] sending these private photos out.

"Adrienne is deeply sorry for any pain this may have caused to her fans," he adds.

The photos, allegedly taken as an anniversary present for her boyfriend Robert Kardashian, feature Bailon in what appears to be a hotel room. Although she's wearing a bra, her panties seem to have gone missing, and the photos show her bare bottom, revealing a tattoo.

In late October, Bailon's laptop went missing from her luggage cart at JFK airport, prompting her to file a report with Port Authority. Later, an anonymous call to her record label claimed that the laptop would be returned in exchange for $1,000. The exchange was made, but the photos were missing.

Bailon, 25, is a singer and former member of the girl group 3LW and is currently the eldest member of the fictional singing/acting group The Cheetah Girls with Kiely Williams and ex-"Dancing With the Stars" contestant Sabrina Bryan. In the Disney Channel movies, Bailon plays Chanel.

This is not the first Disney Channel scandal involving racy pictures of its young stars. "High School Musical 3" sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens had nude picture of her leaked online about a year ago, and clothed but still overtly sexy photos of "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus also hit the Internet.

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