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Thieves steal Indianapolis family's Christmas


Thieves broke into a west side Indianapolis home, taking Christmas away from an area family.

Danielle Ward is still in shock. The thieves stole all of her children's Christmas gifts along with the family’s televisions, video game systems and computer.

“They just completely wiped me out,” Ward said. “They took the (Xbox) 360, the controllers, everything.”

When Ward came home with her two young sons Friday night after visiting with family, she knew something was wrong. Her door was locked from the inside.

“And I was asking my niece and nephew, who locked the hotel lock?” Danielle said. “And they're like nobody and we kept opening and closing it and my nephew behind me said, ‘Well, you can't do that unless somebody was inside.’”

Then she saw that someone had forced open a window.

“At that moment I knew somebody had been in my house for sure,” Ward said. “I noticed that my window was open and my screen door was wide open--I mean wide open--slid all the way back.”

Ward checked the closet where she’d hidden Christmas gifts. She’d just picked them up from layaway. They, too, were gone.

“I had the toys, they were back in this little area right here,” Ward said as she showed the hiding place in her closet. “It was just like a box of toys I just got from Kmart. Everything was just turned over. You couldn't see the floor.”

Her jewelry was also gone.

“They took my class ring, what? Why?” Danielle asked. “It said Danielle ‘2003 National Honor Society.’”

While Ward worries about what she’ll do for Christmas, her biggest concern is for her children. Her 3-year-old son is having trouble sleeping.

“He asked me yesterday, he said, ‘Mommy can you glue this TV down so the bad guys don't take it?’” Ward told Fox59. “I just have to let him know it’s going to be okay and the bad guys won't come back.”

Now she's going through receipts for investigators.

“This is the layaway receipt,” she said. “I had just gotten my layaway out for Christmas.

She also has a few words for the bad guys as she tries to save Christmas.

“That was just unfair,” she said. “It was selfish that you would come and take from children knowing it was Christmas time and the holidays. That's not right. That's not right at all.”

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