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St. Vincent Hospital kicks off campaign to stop texting while driving


St. Vincent Hospital's trauma center has joined the fight to stop texting while driving. The hospital just kicked off a campaign using billboards, pledge forms and more.

The trauma center director said it is also their job to educate the public about prevention.

Kira Hudson, 27, said she knows all about this issue firsthand.

"I just want to live. I remember screaming that a lot to the firemen, paramedics and the lifeline personnel that came," said Hudson.

Hudson said she felt nothing as she sat in her mangled SUV on the side of the road not too far from her parent's house several years ago. She did not feel her broken ribs, her collapsed lung or broken vertebraes.

She even used her cell phone, that had first distracted her, to call her father. She was trapped inside her car between her seat and door.

"I had all of my siblings around the hospital bed, and the doctor came in, and said that I would never be able to 'weight-bear' on my legs," she said.

Hudson has since made it her mission to teach other people about the dangers of distracted driving. She is also an employee of St. Vincent Hospital.

The hospital has a website dedicated to the cause, their doctors will be traveling to speak to schools and churches, and billboards are going up across the Indianapolis area.

"The deaths and injuries from distracted driving around the country are just staggering," said Dr. Lewis Jacobson, St. Vincent Hospital Trauma Director.

The fairly new trauma center has been working on the campaign for more than a year. Dr. Jacobson said as much as it is their job to treat patients, they need to educate the public about prevention.

"I thinK we all overestimate what our capabilities are to answer a cellphone and to text while we're driving," he said.

Hudson said she did not realize the real dangers of driving with a phone in one hand and the wheel in the other. Talking or texting, she said it is not worth it.

"As many people as I can tell my story to, I will," Hudson said.

St. Vincent's campaign is focused on drivers of all ages, but they have pledge forms available for parents and teens.

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