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Teen "scraped, bloodied, bruised... broken" after SUV slams into home

The parents of a teen hospitalized after an SUV slammed into their home said their daughter is doing better.

Paige Brucker, 16, was rushed to Methodist Hospital with extensive injuries Monday night. She suffered multiple rib fractures, broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a broken wrist and needed more than 30 stitches on her face and thigh. She also suffered a liver injury and kidney injury.

“Just about every inch of her body is scraped, bloodied, bruised, or broken,” said Kristina Brucker, Paige’s mother.

Brucker remembered the moment before the SUV plowed through her living room.

“I just kept thinking, why couldn’t I have been over there? Why wasn’t it not me?” Brucker said.

Her home is located at the 5500 block of North Drexel Avenue The driver of the SUV was headed west on East 56th Street. He hit a mailbox, before smashing it into her home. Brucker said she was thrown across the room.

“All I know is I was sliding down the wall and climbing up, screaming Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige,” Brucker said.

At first, no one knew what happened. Brucker said she was watching television with her daughter. Her daughter had gotten up to get her laptop.

Brucker said the toughest part was not knowing where Paige was once the crash happened because they could not see anything.

"When I first walked in, I could just see dust everywhere and all I could see was the headlight of the car,” said Caleb Brucker, Paige’s brother.

Caleb and his father, Scott, had been in another room, watching football. Scott Brucker frantically searched for his daughter and turned the SUV off.

"Before he turned that car off, in my head I kept seeing the tire just run over and over her.  That's just all that was in my head that she was getting smashed, crushed and being killed right in front of us and we couldn't help her,” Kristina Brucker said.

The teenager was underneath debris.

"When I first found her and picked her up, you couldn't really tell, looking at her... it looked really bad and then she opened her eyes and started talking and it was great,” Scott Brucker said.

Detectives arrested Devon Sylvester, 21, after he admitted he took cocaine and heroin just an hour before the crash.

"She just didn't deserve that.  I mean, It's just.... no excuse for that happening to her in her own home,” Kristina Brucker said.

Sylvester was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury, possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. 

“Everybody’s really angry with this guy that did this, but my main concern is just getting my daughter better,” Scott Brucker said.   

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