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Storm winds topple grain silo, down power lines

Some of the hardest hit areas from Friday's storm were north of Indianapolis.

Strong winds toppled a grain silo on top of a barn near Winchester in the afternoon. No one was inside and the silo was empty.

In Eaton, homeowner Ron Ligget said the storm came quickly.

"It was nice actually and then all of a sudden it was black," said Ligget. "We had a large amount of wind that just hit."

He saw the wind pick up his neighbor's awning and toss it into another neighbor's yard.

"It came from over the house and landed on their fence, landed in their yard here and did some damage," said Ligget.

Further east in Randolph County, the winds ripped apart the metal roof off the the Davis-Purdue Agricultural Center near Farmland. Some shreds even went flying into the trees across the field.

According to Chris Shaneyfelt with the Randolph County EMA, there were reports of a funnel cloud, but no evidence of a touchdown. Most of the damage was trees and power lines down.

While all many wanted was some rain, lots of people told Fox59, they got more than what they bargained for.

"With the debris and what you see around, there's something that took place," said Liget.

No injuries as a result of this storm have been reported at this time.

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