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Three semis involved in fatal Boone Co. accident; SB lanes reopen

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State Troopers have closed SB I-65 at State Road 47 due to an accident near Lebanon.

First responders got the call around 3:45 am Thursday morning of an accident just south of the U.S. 52 exit in Lebanon.

When they arrived, they found two semis involved in a fiery crash. One truck's trailer was engulfed in flames and a second truck's cab was on fire.

State Troopers say two semis were stopped on the exit ramp, when they were rear-ended by a third truck. The semi in the middle was carrying 55 gallon drums of petroleum products, which fueled the fire and destroyed the truck.

The driver of the semi that rear-ended the other two died in the accident. Troopers say the other two drivers are doing fine.

All southbound lanes reopened around 1 pm Thursday.  However, the ramp from SR 52 to I-65 south is still closed.

Click here to view photos of the crash.

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