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Police investigate apparent murder-suicide after couple found in yard


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating an apparent murder-suicide that occurred on the city’s west side early Wednesday morning. 

Officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of South Worth Avenue around 12:30 a.m. A female caller told dispatchers her parents were down in the front yard of the home.

When the officers arrived on scene, they found an adult male and female suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at the scene by officers.

Investigators believe the male shot the female victim before shooting himself, and that the deaths result from an argument between the two.

Police have identified the male victim as Jonathan Ogden, 43, of Indianapolis and the female victim as Veronica Bailey, 40, of Indianapolis.

After talking to witnesses, investigators believe the shooting took place a couple of hours before the bodies were found by the couple's daughter. 

"I feel sorry for the kids cuz now they gotta go through it,” said Jon Slater, who identified himself as a former friend. “All because of them. Their stupidity comes down on the kids. For them to have to see them like that? That's stupid."

IMPD investigators said the two were not married but had been living together for more than 20 years. Police said the couple had been arguing prior to the shooting, and they believe Baily was in the process of moving out of the home, which investigators said could have been a factor in the argument.

Investigators note there were no calls to 911 or other police runs to the residence Tuesday evening until the couple’s daughter called authorities.  Witnesses told police they heard possible gunshots but were unsure whether they were fireworks.

A search of public police reports shows a history of domestic incidents at the home.

In 2005, Marion County deputies were called to the home after Ogden allegedly became intoxicated and violent, cutting himself with a knife after an argument with family members.

On May 25, Ogden was arrested on a domestic battery charge after allegedly becoming intoxicated and getting into an argument with Bailey. He placed bond and was released the following day.

Investigators are still in the process of interviewing witnesses and trying to determine what led to the shootings.

"If they had split up last year like they were gonna do, none of this would have ever happened,” said Slater. “She was gonna leave him, [and] he wouldn't let her and now all this."

The exact cause and manner of death will be determined by autopsies to be performed by the Marion County Coroner’s Office.

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