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More than a dozen search warrants executed in deadly explosion investigation

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (FOX 59) - More than fifteen search warrants have been issued, connected to the explosion in the Richmond Hill community.

Those search warrants are sealed.

"I said from day one (to) please be patient. (Please) understand that we have to do our due diligence," Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said.

On Nov. 10, there was an explosion at 8349 Fieldfare Way. The home is owned by Moncy Shirley. Her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, lived in the home too. Detectives and insurance investigators have questioned both of them. The case has been classified as a homicide investigation. Jennifer and Dion Longworth, who lived next door to the home that exploded, were killed in the blast.

"As I stated in the beginning and I'll even state now, this is a painstaking investigation. It takes time," Riggs said.

When the blast happened, Riggs said more than 200 government officials were in the neighborhood. He said now there are 20 people. They have been working nonstop on the investigation. He said they worked during Thanksgiving. He said they were going through evidence and interviewing people.

FOX 59 learned dumpsters filled with debris could have important evidence inside. Detectives are focused on appliances inside Shirley's home.

 Riggs would not comment on the investigation.

"Evidence will continue to be analyzed. We will continue to go back to the site, if we think that we need to look for additional information," Riggs said.

Scientific Fire Analysis President, John Lentini, who is not part of the investigation, said it could take months to complete.

"They just gotta find all of the gas lines, which is going to be pretty tricky, seeing how the house burned down like that. First it blew up (and) then it burned down. A lot of times the physical evidence is not much help and this is maybe one of those times," Lentini said.

No one has been arrested.

 "I can assure you, they're being very meticulous. They're being very detailed because, remember, our ultimate goal is to find out who is responsible and hold them accountable for that," Riggs said.

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