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Lights out for Carmel neighborhood Thursday

Duke Energy Corporation

It's lights out for some residents in Carmel beginning Thursday morning and lasting a good portion of the day.  

Duke Energy is doing some repairs that they say need immediate attention to avoid a problem in the future. 

"We need to shut the power off so that our crews can work safely to get this equipment replaced repaired and put back in service," said Lew Middleton of Duke Energy.

A total of 118 homes in a three block radius of Horseferry Road and Broughton Street near West Main and Towne Road in Carmel will be affected by the outage. Power is scheduled to be cut to homes between 8:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Duke Energy said they chose that time to lessen the impact to residents as much as possible.   

"There's never a good time for a planned power outage or any kind of power outage for that matter," said Middleton.

Residents were notified by phone Wednesday morning.

Sherri Klain was one of them. She said she hoped for more of heads up to plan for the outage, but Duke Energy said a 24-hour notice is standard.

"I have to make sure my garage is open so I can get my car out before I have to come to work. My alarm system-- I need to be concerned about my freezer, my refrigerator, luckily it's six hours, but it's still affected," said Klain.

Nearby Village of West Clay businesses were concerned about the planned outage, but Duke Energy said the outage is for residential customers only.

The outage could be shorter, but residents should be ready for about six hours.

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