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Parents look for indoor Halloween events as cold wind, rain continues

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It will be a cold night for trick-or-treaters Wednesday. Some parents are calling off the candy grabs while others are turning to indoor fun.  Kids, in all kinds of costumes, flooded Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts Kid’s Club Halloween Party Tuesday.

Spencer, 8, has some pretty good moves, moves he demonstrated Tuesday on the Lucas Oil Stadium turf, dressed up as a ninja. His best move of the day may have been heading inside on Halloween's eve. 

Kids of all ages were able to walk through the team's smoke-filled tunnel, catch a touchdown pass, kick a field goal or get their pictures with Colts cheerleaders.

"They can go in their costumes, they can have the Halloween fun, and we do not have to worry about the coldness," said Angela Northrop, parent.

Angela said the Kid's Club Halloween Party may be it as far as Halloween entertainment this year.  She said celebrating Halloween on the Lucas Oil Stadium turf is one thing, going door-to-door in terrible weather just is not going to happen this year.

"We are staying home,” said Northrop.  “We are staying home."

It was a similar story inside the Wicked Workshop at the Children's Museum.  Megan Crankshaw and her girls walked through the "broom room," and the "bone zone" Tuesday.  Their Halloween plans were still undecided.

"If it does not rain we will still go out, they will have to bundle up, so you will not be able to see their costumes but at least they will have fun," said Megan Crankshaw.

Whether inside or out, 6-year-old Katie has just one thing on her mind.

"A bunch of treats," said Katie Crankshaw.

Simon Malls are expecting larger crowds at their “Mall-O-Ween” trick-or-treat events at Indianapolis area malls. The event will be from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at  Castleton Square Mall and Washington Square Mall. 

Also, Greenwood is having a Kidgits celebration and will have fun and games as well as the usual trick-or-treating, making this the biggest Indianapolis-Metro area Simon event on Halloween night.

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