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Fourteen pairs of twins in Zionsville to break record, but may not make the record books

Purdue University

This weekend, Zionsville High School's graduating class of 2012 is expected to set a world record for having the most twins to receive a diploma.

Out of 436 students in the senior class, 28 have always had another half through their high school years.

"We'd always known we have a lot of twins in our grade," said Peter Lyon, one of the graduating twins.

It wasn't until a school hired photographer started counting and doing a little research, though, that the school discovered it might break a world record.

"The current world record is 13 sets of twins in the same graduating class," explained Principal Tim East. "Right now Matt Walter, our assistant principal, is gathering all the documentation that we'll send to Guinness on Monday."

Some of the pairs don't look or act anything alike.

"I'm very outgoing. He's not," said Ethan Dodd about his brother Carter. "When we were nine, we won the most unalike twins in Indiana at the State Fair."

"I love it. Most people wish they were twins," said a blonde and petite Allie Poner, standing next to her tall and brunette twin brother Miro. "It would be weird not to have a twin."

Wearing matching white shirts, identical twins Jordan and Josh McGraw told Fox 59, they've had their fun looking alike, even fooling teachers to get a laugh.

"We've switched classes a few times. Five to be exact," said a smiling Jordan McGraw.

"The teachers don't notice," added his brother Josh. "And everyone else around you is whispering, 'cause they notice. They know who you are."

The McGraw brothers plan to attend Purdue University together, but likely won't live together. Meanwhile, twins Erick and Kevin Schindler will go to the same school, live together, and study the same major.

On the other hand, the Dodd brothers can't wait to graduate so they can get as far from each other as possible.

"As far away as we possibly can," said Ethan Dodd. "I tried to get to Shanghai, but didn't work out."

While everyone has wondered how so many twins wound up in Zionsville, no one seems to have the answer. You can rest assured, it's not something in the water. A few pairs of twins, including Rhianna and Connor Moore, recently moved into the district.

"It's definitely cool to be in the Guiness Book of World Records," said Rhianna Moore. "I mean who cares about graduating?!"

The world record won't be official until the class graduates. Commencement is slated for Sunday, June 3, at 2 p.m. at the high school.

On Friday Zionsville High School principal learned a high school in Texas has 18 sets of twins in its graduating class.

ZCHS Principal Tim East is disappointed, but he says he knows his students are world class even if they do not make the world record.

But in order for the Texas class to be put into the Guiness Records, they will need the proper documentation.

ZCHS officials plan to consult with the Guinness World Records officials again on Monday, June 4 to see if the Texas class was given the title.

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