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Fans to take part in Media Day for first time Tuesday

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Hundreds of media outlets from around the world are preparing to converge at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl Media Day Tuesday.

The event will give reporters access to the two Super Bowl teams and a few Indianapolis Colts players.

This year, the NFL is allowing the public inside for the first time, in an effort to bring fans closer to the Super Bowl experience.

"We are doing something we've never done before," said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.  “That's allowing them to be inside during this great day of fun, excitement for the players, coaches, and also the media."

Once the 7,300 tickets went on sale, they were sold out within weeks. Fans will not get to ask any questions, but they will be able to watch and hear all the action on the field from their seats inside the stadium.

"We're gonna give fans a radio and they'll have an opportunity to tune in to the different podiums where each of the players are set up," explained McCarthy. "They'll be able to hear from Eli Manning, but also Coach Coughlin and four other players throughout the morning. And for the different session, they can hear from Tom Brady and Coach Belichick and others."

Media Day can often be a bit of a media circus, filled with offbeat moments and some wacky antics. Two years ago in Miami, a Fox Sports radio personality showed up dressed in a crazy costume to ask his questions. NFL players take part in the hoopla too by bringing their own camcorders and interviewing each other.

All fans who are attending have tickets with assigned seats.  Gates open at 9 a.m. with the Patriots first appearing at 10 a.m.

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