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Family of teen hit twice while riding his bike looks for hit-and-run driver

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The family of a 15-year-old boy who was run over by two cars Wednesday is looking for the driver who sped away when the other driver stayed.

Darius Queen was riding his bike near Lynhurst and Seerley Creek Road when a Ford explorer heading south on Lynhurst hit him. Jason Houdashell was the driver of that SUV and remembers trying to swerve to miss Queen.

"It was so dark down the road and all of a sudden I saw this kid, right? And it was too late for me to do anything," said Houdashell as he wiped away tears.

The father of two sons told Fox 59 he's been crying since the accident.

"It's just devastating."

The impact threw Queen into the northbound lane. Houdashell said he pulled over and ran to Queen to see if he was breathing.

"He started making some noise and moving a little bit and then I started hearing noise behind me. I stood up and turned around and there was a car coming."

Houdashell said a small, white car came flying at them. He tried to waive for it to stop, but the car hit Queen and then sped off.

"The person that didn't stop, I don't know what ran through their head," said Houdashell. "To me, they're not human. They're a coward if they don't stop."

It's a feeling shared by Queen's family. Relatives have spent most of their time at the hospital with him.

Queen's step-father Fredrick McNael sat down with Fox 59 at the hospital Thursday evening.

"Just like his momma, we're both just torn up about it," said McNael. "I don't have no words for it. I just don't understand."

He said he had no ill will against Houdashell. In fact, he said Houdashell showed human decency when he stopped to check on his step-son. He can't say much about the other driver, though. He wishes that person would have the heart to come forward.

"It would be the decent thing to do to turn yourself in," said McNael.

Houdashell sent a tearful apology to Queen's family and said he would have trouble trying to forgive himself. He said he couldn't imagine leaving Queen on the road.

"I have kids of my own. I could not see leaving anybody behind."

Police said the hit-and-run driver was in a white, Dodge Neon with a spoiler on the back. It could have damage on the front. If you have any information about who the driver is, contact police.

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Highway and Road DisastersWXIN